Business Licenses

General Business License Information

The City of Duvall requires businesses located within the city limits to acquire and maintain a business license. This applies to brick & mortar businesses, home occupations, as well as door-to-door (solicitor) sales.

City and State Business Licensing Services

The City of Duvall partners with the State of Washington for business licenses. That means that you can apply for your City license at the same time as you apply for your State license. It also means that if you already have a State license, you can just contact them to add the City of Duvall endorsement to your license.

The cost for the City of Duvall endorsement is $55.00 per calendar year. The State will automatically send you annual renewal notices once you get a license through them. There are three ways to file the Business License Application and supplemental forms:
  • File online, using your credit card: Filing online is the fastest method to apply because your application does not require mail delivery or the information to be input manually, which can save you a week or two in the registration process.
  • File by mail: Complete the Business License Application and the City Business License Addendum and mail with the appropriate fee (check or money order payable to Department of Revenue) to:
    • Business Licensing Service
    • Department of Revenue
    • PO Box 9034
    • Olympia, WA  98507-9034
  • File in person: You can pick up and turn in the application and addendum at Duvall City Hall, 15535 Main Street NE, during normal business hours. *Please note that this method takes the longest time to process because the City has to mail all of the forms to the State and then they have to manually input your information before processing your license application.

You can contact the State Department of Revenue directly by calling 360-705-6741 if you have any questions about the State license or City addendum process. You can also find helpful information at the Doing Business in Washington State website.

Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupations are businesses that are run out of a person's home. They include, but are not limited to, web-based businesses, daycares, and businesses where the main office is out of the home. The City of Duvall requires a separate Home Occupation Permit to be completed before approving the business license. You can pick one up at City Hall or we will mail one to you once we are notified by the State that you are planning to open a business out of your home.

Peddler/Solicitor/Canvasser Licenses

The City of Duvall requires peddlers/solicitors/canvassers to acquire and maintain a City Solicitor's License. A peddler/solicitor/ canvasser is defined in the Duvall Municipal Code as any person, either a principal or agent, who goes from place to place within the City, and who:

  • Sells, take orders for, or offers to sell, any goods, wares, or merchandise whether or not collecting in advance for such goods, wares or merchandise; and/or
  • Sells, take orders for, or offers to sell services, whether or not collecting in advance for such services; and/or
  • Seeks contributions or donations to private causes, as opposed to tax-exempt charities; and/or
  • Seeks opinions, preferences or other information for commercial purposes
  • There are some exemptions to this license requirement. View the entire peddlers, solicitors, and canvassers code for more details.
There is a fee of $40.00 for each person engaging in such activities which includes at fee of $10.00 for a criminal history background investigation.