City Council

Council Meetings.

  • 7:00 PM.
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Meetings are hybrid and currently take place both in-person and via Zoom. View the agenda for the in-person location and access the link for the Zoom meeting or the dial-in information. Generally, Council meetings take place at the Duvall Visitor Center, 15619 Main Street, NE, but the location may change.
  •  All meetings are also live-streamed on the City's Facebook Page.
  • Committee of the Whole workshops begin at 5:30 PM.

A City Council Committee of the Whole workshop is usually held before the regular Council meeting and starts at 5:30 PM. All public members are welcome to attend the Workshops and the City Council meetings. In addition, there is an opportunity at the beginning of each City Council meeting for members of the public to address the City Council on any matters of interest or concern.

PLEASE NOTE: During the designated public commentary period within City Council meetings, individuals are allotted a three-minute speaking duration, while representatives of organizations may address for up to five minutes. Before presenting, kindly disclose your full name and residential affiliation with the City.

It is strongly advised by the City to submit verbal comments in written form to expedite subsequent correspondence. Comments must be received by the City Clerk's office no later than noon on the meeting day, addressed to PO Box 1300, Duvall, WA 98019, or deposited at the City Hall drop box located at 15535 Main St. NE, City, or sent by e-mail. Please be aware that the City Council, its Boards, and Commissions solely entertain public comments from attendees present at the meeting in person.

The Council does not accept handouts or printed material during public commentary sessions. Information intended for the Mayor or the City Council should be directed to the City Clerk, who will disseminate it following the submitter's instructions.

Additionally, the City Clerk will receive written public comments and subsequently furnish them to the City Council or the relevant Board or Commission upon receipt. It’s important to note, however, that written comments will not be orally presented during the Council or applicable Board or Commission meetings; instead, they will be integrated into the meeting's minutes.

Agendas, Minutes, Audio & Presentations

Agendas are available the Friday before the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes | Meeting Audio Recordings (mp3) | View Presentations for the current year 

View videos of meetings on the City's YouTube channel.


 Click on a Councilmember's name to go to their individual page.

Amy Ockerlander, Mayor
Term Expires: December 2025

Ronn Mercer, Position 4
Term Expires: November 2027
John Isaacson, Position 1
Term Expires: December 2025
 Mike Supple, Position 5
Term Expires: November 2027
Rick Shaffer, Position 2
Term Expires: December 2027
 Jennifer Knaplund, Position 6
Term Expires: December 2025
Amy McHenry, Position 3
Term Expires: December 2025
 Carol Kufeldt, Position 7
Term Expires: December 2027


City Council Responsibilities

Holding an elected office requires a solid commitment to the community. City and state codes legally define a council member's role. This outline is meant to be a description of what a council member's role is in Duvall. 

The Duvall City Council is an elected body of 7 members. The Council's primary responsibility is to set policies for the City. The City Council also has a vital role in the budget process. The mayor is responsible for ensuring that policies set by the Council are carried out. Each Council member oversees policy issues in some aspect of city government. In addition to keeping current on local policy issues, Council members must stay informed on state and county-level issues that could affect the City.