2024 Comprehensive Plan - Periodic Update  


03_Comp Plan Wheel

02_Why is this happening

04_What is the Purpose of the Comp Plan

05_Include Me

06_Take a Survey_Link to Survey Page07_Participate_Link to Recruitment Page08_Watch_Link to Media Page 


Below is a sequence that the planning process will follow. Within each block, a series of events will occur. 

10_Sequence of Work

Deep Learning

Below are eight different topics addressed in the comprehensive plan. Click on any one of them to learn more.

12_Square_Capital Facilities13_Square_Climate14_Square_Environment15_Square_Transportation

17_Square_Land Use16_Square_Parks18_Square_Economic Development19_Square_Housing

20_Talk to Us

21_Lara_Link to Email Phone22_Niomi_Link to Email Phone23_Community Development_Link to Email Phone

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