Fence Permit

Fences DMC Chapter 14.64.180

A fence permit is needed to construct a barrier of any material designed to enclose or screen an area of land. A permit is required for new fences, replacements and relocations adjacent to right of way, open spaces (public and private), parks (public and private), trails and sensitive areas. A permit will be required even if it is a “like for like” replacement. City staff will review that the requirements of DMC 14.64.180 apply and will determine whether a survey is needed.

In residential zoning districts, fences may be constructed to a maximum height of four feet in front yards and six feet on the sides and rear of a lot. In mixed-use and commercial zones, fences may be constructed to a maximum height of six feet.

Permit Type: This is a Type I permit; it needs an administrative decision made by the City staff for approval. No public notice or hearing is required.

Fee: There is no application fee for this permit. A contractor may submit on behalf of a homeowner. If using a contractor, please do not schedule your installation service until after you have received approval from the City.

How to Apply

Apply online through our OpenGov portal: 

Required Documentation 

  • A Boundary Survey by a licensed surveyor (recording is not required but highly recommended)
  • Site Plan showing:
    • All property lines and their dimensions
    • All easements and rights of way (streets, sidewalks adjacent to property, etc.)
    • Location of all existing structures (outline of house, garages and driveway), including existing fences
  • Fence design drawings showing:
    • Height of fence in all areas of proposed fencing
    • Type of materials that will be used to construct the fence 
    • Design of fence
    • Location of proposed fence and relative distance to all four property lines


Questions? Email planning@duvallwa.gov