2019 Batten Road Sewer Extension

Project Details

This project included the construction of 1,185 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer main primarily within the existing improved area of Batten Road. The project provided a gravity connection between two existing sewer manholes and render an existing sewer lift station at the end of its service life obsolete. The lift station was decommissioned once the gravity line was fully operational.

With an average pipe depth of 12 feet & deepest excavations nearing 20 feet; the nature of the work requires a closure of Batten Road to vehicular traffic (NE 144th to Roney Road) during working hours to safely accommodate the movement of equipment and material.

Restoration of the road surface will generally be limited to compacted gravel in the trench line during the project. Batten Road (Roney to NE 147th PL) will receive a complete resurfacing and asphalt overlay following the project, currently scheduled for August 2019.

Project Notice - map

Bid Award

Contractor:  Strickland & Sons Excavation; Buckley, WA

Estimated 2,700 cubic yards of material to be removed

Estimated 4,130 tons of material for trench backfill

Allowed Working Hours: Mon—Sat 7AM—6PM

Anticipated Working Hours: Mon—Fri 7 AM—5PM

Authorized Time for completion: 50 Calendar Days

Construction Schedule

Anticipated Start:  June 13th 2019