2019 Citywide Stormwater Survey

survey results

Is this a legitimate survey?

Yes, this is a legitimate survey. The City of Duvall is participating in a survey with five other local jurisdictions to learn what our residents know about stormwater. We are using a random sample to collect information from Duvall residents, so not everyone will receive an invitation to participate. But if you did receive a phone call, text message, or mailed letter with a link to an online survey, we would sincerely appreciate you taking time to answer the survey questions.

Why is Duvall doing this survey?

Surveying our residents about their stormwater knowledge and behaviors helps us understand which topics could use more community education and outreach about stormwater. We conducted a similar survey in 2012 (but 100% by phone), and we want to know how the results have changed over time so we can adjust our stormwater programs as needed.

Why did I get a text message inviting me to take this survey?

If you received the survey invitation link via text message on your cell phone, here are answers to some questions you may have.

1. How did you get my number?

All cell phone numbers were obtained from third-party opt-in sources.

2. How do I get off the list?

To be removed from the list, please reply STOP to the text message you received.

3. How do I know the link I received via text message is safe?

The link you received leads only to an online survey sponsored by City of Duvall. While we greatly appreciate your input, we also understand skepticism about online security. Participation is completely voluntary.

4. What are you going to use my information for?

All responses are anonymous and completely confidential. Answers to this study will only be reported in the aggregate, and no individual responses will be shared.

5. Can someone else complete the survey?

To ensure we have a representative sample, we ask that only the intended recipient complete the survey. Links cannot be shared and are a one-time use only.

6. Who is Elway Research?

Elway Research is an independent firm that is conducting this survey for six local jurisdictions, including City of Duvall.

7. My link doesn't work. How can I complete the survey?

For assistance with your link, please reply back to the text message you received with the keyword stated in the text message along with the issue you are having. Someone will respond to assist you.

8. What is your privacy policy?

All answer responses are anonymous and strictly confidential. You will not be contacted in the future because of any answer you give during the survey. Answers to this study will only be reported in the aggregate, and no individual responses will be shared.


Please contact our Stormwater Engineer.