How You Can Help

All City Storm Drains Lead to the Snoqualmie RiverSmall Actions Add Up to Big Change
Our actions within our watershed have a direct impact on our lakes, streams, wetlands and the Puget Sound. The City of Duvall and local environmental groups are making a significant effort to restore the local streams and protect our remaining aquatic habitat.

What You Can Do to Help
Prevent Pollution
Keep it clean and prevent pollution at its source. Storm water run-off carries oil and grease, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that collect on our roads, rooftops and property. Learn what you can do to prevent pollution.

Restore the Environment
Replant and restore native trees, plants and in-water habitat. Salmon and wildlife need cool healthy waters. Good creek habitat includes gravel and woody debris with shade from stream-side native shrubs and trees. In addition, barrier-free streams allow salmon to reach all available habitats for spawning and rearing.

Good lake and sound shoreline habitat has gentle, unarmored slopes with trees and shrubs overhanging the water. Help replant urban forests and shorelines, improve habitat by volunteering in your local parks, pick up trash along shorelines, streets and in your local parks.

Utilize Storm Water
Slow the flow of storm water and let the rain soak in. Heavy storms and flash floods send rushing water into creeks and lakes. That fast moving water erodes the natural system by dumping debris and pollution, eroding banks, destroying plants, and widening the channel.

Healthy plants grow in healthy soil, growing deeper roots in soil that holds more water and nutrients. So building your soil with organic materials like compost and mulch is the best way to save water, recycle yard waste, reduce runoff, and save work in your lawn and garden.

Learn how to make your own compost at home from yard and food waste. Compost is a dark, earthy material naturally produced by decaying plants. Composted organic matter supports a web of soil life, which keeps your soil loose, moisture-holding, fertile and well-drained.